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I am a high school graduate of -- middle school in Nanjing, JiangsuProvince in 20--. I have been re studying in -- middle school because I have notbeen admitted by the ideal university. Since 20--, influenced by my classmates,I have had the idea of studying abroad, so I learned through the Internet thatstudying in --- has many advantages. First of all, --- is a multiculturalcountry with world advanced teaching level; Second, the cost of studying abroadis lower and more reasonable than that of other countries; Third, the climate issimilar to that in the south of China. Therefore, I proposed to my parents tostudy in ---, which was supported by my parents. Because I am a girl, I likeearly childhood education since I was a child. In addition, parents in modernChina have high requirements for children"s education. If I can study earlychildhood education courses in ---, I will be able to make achievements in earlychildhood education after returning home. Therefore, I am determined to study in---. I intend to spend half a year to study English in the language college,pass the language level, and then study the professional courses of earlychildhood education. I believe I have studied high school courses for threeyears, and after one year of repetition, I have a certain foundation in learningability and knowledge level. At the same time, my parents have fi-ed jobs andrich income, and they will also get their parents" full support in studyingabroad funds. Therefore, I will be able to complete the study abroad coursewell. After returning home, I will be able to realize my desire to engage inearly childhood education and realize my life value in the cause of earlychildhood education.


Dear - University Teachers:

Hello! I am --, now studying in --. Thank you for reviewing my applicationfor studying abroad in your busy schedule.

-The university takes the galloping horse with angry hooves as the symbol.I hope students can "climb the sky and dive into the abyss, spit in the riverand sea; the vast field, gallop once". My broad and lofty pursuit makes me yearnfor it. I am eager to be a student in - University.

Because of my excellent ability in mathematics, I went to primary schoolwhen I was 5 years old. When I was 20 years old, my family came to Beijing andbegan my 8-year study in --- school. Over the past eight years, -- witnessed myprogress bit by bit. Before I came to Beijing, I knew nothing about English, butmy alma mater was an international school, so my English worried my teachers andparents. Later, with the help of my parents and teachers, I have been trying toimprove my English. Now English has become one of my advantages. When I was injunior high school, my grades were not very good. With the unremitting effortsof my junior high school for three years, Finally, I entered the experimentalclass of Senior High School of our university with the score of 523 in themiddle school entrance examination (the key line of the city at that time). Inmy first year of senior high school, I was at the forefront of my class andgrade, participated in the mathematics, physics and chemistry competitions inHaidian District, and won the third prize in the -- National Mathematics "HopeCup" competition. After entering the second year of senior high school, I was inall examinations (including monthly examination, mid-term and final examination,weekly examination of senior three and district unified examination) I havemaintained the first grade in class and grade, and the results of all subjectsin the whole senior high school grade are A. I think as long as I have a seriousattitude towards learning and always strive to surpass myself, I will be able tosucceed. Moreover, I can treat the examination rationally and constantly improvemy ability Learning ability, so as to maintain a stable and upward state. I willcontinue this state in my future study and life.

I was born in a democratic and open family. Both my parents are teachers.They give me a certain space for free development, and focus on cultivating mycomprehension ability, learning ability and practical ability, so that I canlearn to stand on my own. So when I encounter difficulties in life, learning,communication and getting along with others, I find ways to solve themindependently, so as to become the leader of my class and grade in all aspects.Due to the subtle influence of my parents, I work very seriously and am used topursuing perfection. Although it is impossible to be perfect, my attitude andwill to pursue perfection make me perform well in my study and work.

As the school motto "-" shows, my alma mater, the school, not only adheresto the rigorous and realistic traditional education, but also carries forwardthe military management of boarding schools, and integrates into the opennessand efficiency of foreign education. It is in this environment that I have richknowledge, diverse abilities, strong perseverance and cheerful personality. Inmy - year study career, I have become more mature and steady, careful andthoughtful, and become a person with excellent learning, good at dealing withall aspects of affairs and all-round development.

I think I am a cheerful, confident and generous girl. Since I was a classcadre, I am serious, independent, independent, and have strong organizationaland leadership skills. After entering high school, I am honored to hold theposition of grade perimeter supervisor, and have been holding it until now.Under my leadership, the students on duty carefully checked the hygiene of eachclass and supervised the students to abide by the school rules and discipline.The health and discipline of the grade have been highly praised by the schoolwith our joint efforts. After the midterm examination of the second year ofsenior high school, I took over the post of monitor again. I actively cooperatedwith the teacher, managed the class in an orderly manner, and performed well inmany activities. In terms of discipline, our class is the best in the grade, andwon the honor of "excellent class group" of the school for many times.Therefore, I also won the "excellent class cadre" of the school and HaidianDistrict The title of "three good students". I also spoke on behalf of manytimes, organized and presided over several major activities, and activelyparticipated in various social practice activities and volunteer activities(about 120 hours in total). In these processes, I exercised myself, improved myabilities in many aspects, and learned how to study and work efficiently to makemyself more comprehensive development.

I like computer programming and creative production. In junior high school,I used to program and make password lock, responder, countdown timer and otherworks, and I was lucky to publish a related article. Because I have participatedin robot, MCU programming and work competitions for many times and obtainedexcellent results, I got extra points for my scientific and technologicalexpertise in the middle school entrance examination.

If I can enter - University, I will be honored to understand the mind of"Teng Tian Qian Yuan, tuna Chuan Hai; vast fields, a Mercedes Benz". I apply for--- major. I will seriously study various courses and strive to become ahigh-quality compound professional engaged in human resource management,enterprise planning and design, advertising and marketing planning, investmentand financial consulting, psychological consulting and treatment, psychologyteaching and scientific research. And will strive to become a member of thestudent union, try to work during the holidays, enrich their experience anddevelop themselves in an all-round way.















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